NAS and selfhosted server build

April 23, 2024

While I have officially had a whole load of smaller machines as “selfhosted” servers, they have been adhoc all over the place (raspis are quite fun to stick in random places and then forget about). I have also been running on some older laptop hard drives that finally kicked the bucket and I don’t have space on my main rig anymore after fiting a 3090 and a 3070 in it. ... Read more

Making VP9 hardware decoding work with Kaby Lake and Arch Linux

May 29, 2017

Kaby Lake processors come with Intel HD graphics chips that allows for you to do hardware decoding of VP9 and H.265 10 bit videos. Check the chart below for more details. Intel Allows you to access their Intel GPU by using the VA-API, the Arch Linux wiki has a good deal of information on VA-API and VDPAU here. Installing Drivers Let’s install the VA-API with sudo pacman -S libva-intel-driver ... Read more

Moving from HDD to SSD with Arch Linux

March 19, 2017

Was scouting out a SSD for my laptop and I found the 2 year old EVO 850 series to be the right combination of performance vs reliability. I got the 250 GB one as it was within my 10k budget. I also got a metal mounting bracket, (plastic ones don’t conduct heat). Originally the plan was to have the HDD in the bracket but ended up having the SSD in there. ... Read more

Adding multi level commands using spf13 cobra

March 12, 2017

We can chain commands pretty simply, say you want to make an app streamer that has a sub command read and an sub-command of that called csv and json. You can use the cobra init to generate these separate ones, cobra add csv cobra add json cobra add read Then go into the source file and hook up csv and json with the proper parent, in this case, readCmd. ... Read more

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